Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Capture | Fall

Hello everyone! It is almost Friday! That is so exciting, isn't it?

I am linking up again. Maybe I'm having too much fun linking up? . . . Nah!!!

I only took about five photos today, including one from my phone. We were out of town today and I did not have much of a chance to play around.

I am linking up to Beth of I Should Be Folding Laundry's 'You Capture | Fall'.

I love the sunlight in the Fall. It seems to be magical . . . golden, glistening, and casts it special glow on everything around to make it look so pretty. I was rushing home from work today, and the light on this leaf caught my eye. I quickly snapped a picture with my phone, then ran into the house to grab my camera.

Macro Filter Black and White Shot:

Macro Filter Color:

iPhone Photo:

What do you think? I almost think I like my photo from my phone more? I can't decide. I like the composition of it, but I love the lines and bokeh of the macro shots.

Happy Almost Friday!


Stacia said...

They are all stunning! I like the first one best, but I'm a sucker for yellow, so the second one gets me, too. Gorgeous fall!!

Tonya said...

I don't think I could pick a favorite either. Aren't the phones amazing these days, to be able to take a picture like that? Nice work. said...

I like the sepia toned macro shot best, but they're all good photos.

Andrea said...

They are all pretty, but I like the phone photo best as well. :)